All Four Indiana Jones Films Are Now Streaming on Netflix


It’s now been over a decade since the last Indiana Jones movie arrived in cinemas, and almost three decades since the release of the last film that most fans actually like. But while it’s still at least a couple more years before we find out if Indiana Jones 5 fares any better with viewers than Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Netflix users now have the opportunity to revisit the entire saga thus far.

In a recent tweet, Netflix announced the arrival of the Steven Spielberg-helmed series on their platform, while also standing up for the oft-maligned fourth installment, writing:

“Start the year off right: by admitting that the fourth Indiana Jones movie actually kind of rules. All four Indiana Jones films are now streaming on @netflix.”

indiana jones

As much as the fans tend to remember Indy’s last outing as the one real dud of the series, it must be said Kingdom of the Crystal Skull has a fair few defenders, with the movie performing phenomenally well at the box office and even holding a respectable Rotten Tomatoes score of 78% based on 268 reviews. Nonetheless, as the sequel’s novelty has worn off over time, the film’s reputation has continued to falter in much the way that Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace failed to sustain its early, nostalgia-fueled acclaim.

Speaking of George Lucas properties, Indiana Jones 5 will be the first of the series not to involve the Lucasfilm founder, but the project will see the return of both Spielberg and Harrison Ford, with Solo: A Star Wars Story scribe Jonathan Kasdan working on the script. We’ll find out if the saga still has any worthwhile stories left to tell when the film hits theaters on July 9th, 2021.

Source: Twitter