Fox To Adapt World-Bending Kids Adventure Timeless, Ridley Scott On Board As Producer


In Hollywood, studio executives always seem to be falling over themselves in an attempt to lay claim to the next big thing — be it a financially sound franchise-starter or an eye-catching adaptation. For Fox, though, the company has seemingly acquired the latter property, after the studio struck a six-figure deal to bring Arman Baltazar’s three-part children’s series, Timeless, to the silver screen.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rio and Ice Age helmer Carlos Saldanha is currently on board to direct with Ridley Scott acting as producer. Fox has described its vision for Timeless as a blend of live-action and CG in the vein of Avatar — now we know why the company was so quick in snapping up those rights.

Regardless, Baltazer’s family-friendly tale orbits around a band of children from four different periods in history — Victorian England, the 1920s and 80s, along with the modern day. Not only that, Timeless will bring together a plethora of creatures and humans from past, present and future in what has been billed as a “time collision.”

Taking place in Chicago, the series will largely focus on the character of Diego, whose father has been captured by a Roman general — not exactly an easy task to overcome when you’re stuck in a different epoch. And so, him and his time-hopping allies seek a way to rescue his distant (quite literally) papa.

Speaking to THR, Baltazar touched upon his inspiration for Timeless.

“Together [the characters[ find value in their differences and they use that in their quest to save their families — and eventually their place in this fantastically changed world,” he said. “It’s an underlying theme to the adventure: cultures from [different] times and places [co-]existing, … struggling to save their world from those that would change it back.”

At this early stage, there’s little to no information regarding a release date or potential casting for Timeless. For now, we’ll just have to sate our appetite with some rather gorgeous concept art. I mean, who wouldn’t want to glide over dinosaurs on a skateboard, right?

Source: /Film