Does Fox Want Bryan Singer To Direct Fantastic Four 2?



This Is Infamous is reporting that Fox is eyeing Bryan Singer to take the reigns on Fantastic Four 2. In hopes of building a cinematic universe similar to what we’re seeing over at DC and Marvel, the studio is planning to eventually have the the property crossover with X-Men, and they’re not looking to keep Fantastic Four director Josh Trank around.

As we’ve heard, Fox isn’t terribly pleased with Trank’s finished product. That being said, they still see the film as a “decent introduction to the new direction its characters will be taking, one good enough to build upon rather than scrap in favor of yet another restart in a few years.”


The hope with the sequel is to have Singer climb on board and steer the franchise in the right direction before the titular foursome eventually crossover with the X-Men, which is set to happen in a 2018 film that Fox also wants the director to helm. Basically, they’re looking to turn him into their own version of Marvel’s Kevin Feige.

No word yet on whether Singer is interested or not in taking all of this on, but given how integral he is to the cinematic universe that Fox is working so hard to build, I’m sure that the studio will be making him an offer he can’t refuse.

Tell us, do you want to see Bryan Singer direct Fantastic Four 2? Sound off in the comments section below!

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