Fox Have Cancelled Independence Day 3D

For the 27 people who were super-psyched to see Roland Emmerich’s explosive classic in 3D, we’ve got some really bad news. Yes, even though that scene where a large UFO hovers over the White House and proceeds to blows it up with a giant laser would’ve probably looked pretty cool in all three-dimensions, Fox have cancelled plans to re-release Independence Day in theatres near you. No reason has been given for said cancellation, leaving us to logically assume that aliens contacted Fox and told them to stop with the 3D conversion, fearing negative intergalactic relations should they ever bring themselves to our planet for a chat.

Independence Day, of course, was a huge hit when it landed in theatres back in 1996 and made a whopping $800 million at the box office (making it the 34th highest-grossing film of all-time, actually). There have been a few attempts made to get a sequel in the works, but presumably Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum have better things to do with their time, such as raising their kids to make them lots of money and something something else applicable to Jeff Goldblum’s slight career. Given that Fox have cancelled this 3D version, though, it really doesn’t bode well for any sequel ever going into production, leaving us to once again conclude that aliens are the reason because that’s most interesting.

Source: Total Film

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