Fox Didn’t Interfere With James Mangold’s Final Cut Of Logan


For a long time, it appeared as if Logan wasn’t going to happen. Hugh Jackman simply refused to sign on for the movie until he felt it was in the right place and as more time passed, it became harder and harder to believe that another solo outing revolving around Wolverine would become a reality.

Thankfully, the film eventually came to fruition and Logan is now receiving rave reviews. Considering the fact that it brings an end to Jackman’s tenure as Wolverine, it’s understandable that the actor and director James Mangold received quite a bit of freedom during production, and according to the latter, Fox was actually happy to let the duo go about and do their own thing.

“I think there will be a couple of scenes that we trimmed that could appear on the extra scenes on the Blu-ray. But I did get everything [in the film] that I wanted; I didn’t have to lift anything. The studio didn’t say, ‘You have to take that out.’ … But there are some lovely scenes people can look forward to at home.”

It’s rare that a filmmaker only removes scenes due to time constraints, especially comic book adaptations which may have a significant impact on the wider universe they’re based in. With Wolverine now on the shelf for a while, it’s inevitable that something will be done with the character sooner rather than later, but you have to give the studio credit for allowing Mangold and Jackman to wrap up the hero’s story in a way they deemed fit.

Those deleted scenes sound pretty interesting, too, especially as it’s been said that the quieter moments between Logan, Charles Xavier and Laura are among the movie’s best. As for the action, it sounds like most of that made it into the final cut, which is yet another strong sign that Wolverine will go out in style when Logan drops into theaters next month.

Source: Bad Taste