Fox Expected To Lose Over $100 Million On X-Men: Dark Phoenix


The box office projections were never too promising for X-Men: Dark Phoenix, and sure enough, the opening weekend numbers make it all too clear that the decades-spanning and once beloved franchise is ending on its biggest bomb.

On home turf, Simon Kinberg’s directorial debut is said to have made a wince-inducing $33.0 million. To put this performance into perspective, DC’s Shazam! grossed $53.5 million in its first three days, and Captain Marvel scored a massive $153.4 million and neither had a budget as high as Dark Phoenix.

Meanwhile, the worldwide gross is currently sitting at $140 million, which means that at the moment, the pic is expected to finish with a total global haul of $300-$325 million. Though it could sink as low as $285 million if audiences really decide to stay away over the next few weeks. Either way, Fox is now looking at about a $100-$120 million loss on the movie, says Deadline.

In a fascinating report, the outlet also explores what went wrong with Dark Phoenix and frankly, it seems it was doomed from the start. Between the Disney merger, the constant delays, the bad taste Apocalypse left in our mouths and the continuous bad press, the film never stood a chance.

It’s a shame, to be sure, but let’s not forget that the X-Men will eventually be integrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Granted, it may take a few years, but an extended hiatus will give fans the opportunity to warm up to the idea of a new cast. Speaking of which, it’s obviously far too early to discuss who Marvel may have their eye on for the inevitable reboot, but whoever ends up bringing the mutant gang to life next, let’s just hope they give us a much better cinematic outing than Dark Phoenix.

Source: Deadline