Fox May Adapt The Dark Phoenix Saga For Their X-Men Reboot


Though Chris Claremont’s The Dark Phoenix Saga remains one of the most beloved X-Men storylines of all-time, we still haven’t really seen a proper adaptation of it. Sure, Brett Ratner tried his best to throw elements from it into The Last Stand, but that movie was an absolute disaster and is best not remembered. However, with 20th Century Fox now looking to reboot their mutant franchise, the comic book arc might be getting another chance to shine on the big screen.

Take this one with a grain of salt, but according to LRM, the studio is hoping to re-visit the storyline and make it the “central focus” of their new series of X-Men movies. Given that The Dark Phoenix Saga was hinted at in Apocalypse, this would make a lot of sense and we’re inclined to believe that Fox may indeed head in this direction when they re-configure the franchise.

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It’d be a smart move for them as the arc is held in high regard by fans and having it be the main focus will hopefully mean that they’ll get it right this time. We’re unsure of which actors would return to help bring the storyline to life, but we’ve heard that Fox wants to keep Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender on board (no surprise there), and if they’re going the Dark Phoenix route, we’d imagine Sophie Turner will be back as well.

Again, treat this as a rumor for now, but with plans clearly in place over at the studio to make some serious changes to the X-Men franchise, especially now that they’re losing Hugh Jackman as Wolverine once Logan is out, we’d expect them to make their intentions for the property known sooner rather than later.

We’ll keep you posted once we hear more, but for now, tell us, would you like to see Fox take another stab at The Dark Phoenix Saga? Sound off below with your thoughts!