Fox Picks Up Inception-Like Graphic Novel Doctors, David Goyer Attached To Produce


20th Century Fox has acquired the rights to Dash Shaw’s — the creative mind behind comedy-drama, Bottomless Belly Button — independent graphic novel Doctors, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Sources tell us that David Goyer is also on board to produce the project alongside his production company, Phantom Four.

In terms of the source material itself, Doctors follows a group of doctors (who would’ve thought?) who are as tech-savvy as they are medically brilliant. One day, the medical experts find themselves in possession of a technology that allows them to temporarily assimilate their own subconscious with that of the recently deceased and bring them back to the land of the living for a short period of time. However, a spanner is tossed in the works when the titular group come across a young mother who, despite her daughter’s pleas, doesn’t want to come back.

It’s an interesting premise, no doubt. Plus, having Goyer on board is certainly a boost for the project as a whole, whose previous credits including script duties on the likes of The Dark Knight and Man of Steel. In fact, the screenwriter-cum-producer has also agreed to be involved in the Natalie Dormer-led thriller, The Forest, which we recently learned will take place within Japan’s infamous Aokigahara woodland area.

Alas, there isn’t much more information pertaining to 20th Century Fox’s adaptation of Doctors at this time, be it a release window or potential cast members. However, we’ll be sure to keep you right up to date with all the news as it appears.

Doctors is currently available in graphic novel form, having released on September 24th.