Francis Ford Coppola Is Apparently Working On A Studio Epic

Just when we thought Francis Ford Coppola had retreated deep into the jungles of Cambodia like the infamous Colonel Kurtz from Apocalypse Now, the Oscar-winning director has emerged from the undergrowth without a severed head in sight – and apparently he’s working on a big studio epic, albeit in way that is currently all secret and stuff. Coppola, of course, hasn’t made a studio flick since 1997’s The Rainmaker, and we all know how that turned out (not too badly, actually – apologies for making you think otherwise).

Speaking about the project, Coppola revealed he was in cahoots with “a secret investor that has infinite money”, giving us reason to believe that his investor is either a Genie or a Middle-Eastern sultan. “I learned what I learned from my three smaller films, and wanted to write a bigger film,” he went on to say, referring to his recent period making relatively unsuccessful indie movies. As for the story? “[The story] is set in New York. It starts in the middle of the ‘20s, and there are sections in the ‘30s and the late ‘40s, and it goes until the late ‘60s.”

When said project was compared to The Godfather, Coppola shrugged off the similarities. “No. I think a sequel is a waste of money and time,” he said, which is exactly what we all tried to tell him when he went ahead and made The Godfather: Part III. You live and learn, I guess. Or, in this case, you live in obscurity for a while until you find somebody willing to part with an infinite amount of money, a notion worthy of a entire movie in itself. I smell a Brian Bonsall comeback career. Then again, I’ve been smelling one of those for years.

What do you think? Excited at the prospect of Francis Ford Coppola making another big studio film?

Source: IndieWire