Francis Ford Coppola To Begin On Twixt Now And Sunrise, Starring Val Kilmer

Francis Ford Coppola, the genius behind films like The Godfather and Apocalypse Now, is getting behind the camera again. He’s gearing up to shoot his new film, Twixt Now And Sunrise, starring Val Kilmer and Elle Fanning. The film will be based on a short story written by Coppola and will carry a horror/thriller feel to it.

Coppola doesn’t make movies all that often anymore and it’s been a while since he’s done anything really good. Neither Youth Without Youth or Tetro really turned any heads. Hopefully he delivers with this film. He knows how to work within the horror genre and those who’ve seen his take on Bram Stroker’s famous Dracula story, will know that Coppola is capable of doing horror.

As for Kilmer, he’s usually a reliable actor, who despite making a few poor career choices, has certainly had his fair share of great roles (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Heat). I think the duo could work out pretty well. I’m looking forward to hearing more on this film. We’ll update you when we know more.