Frank Grillo Auditions For Captain America: The Winter Soldier Villain

With an Iron Man 3 trailer release right around the corner and Thor: The Dark World well into production, attention now turns to Captain America: The Winter Soldier and its casting of a few key roles.

We know Chris Evans is back as Captain America, Sebastian Stan will most likely be reprising his role as Bucky Barnes turned Winter Soldier, Scarlett Johansson shows up as Black Widow, and newcomer Anthony Mackie will represent The Falcon. But those were all assumed already, except for Mackie who is an added surprise, and no detailswere released on who Captain America and company would be fighting.

Well, according to numerous sources and the solid information base that is Twitter, we’re hearing straight from the horse’s mouth that actor Frank Grillo has auditioned for the role of Crossbones, typically an evil lacky for past arch-rival Red Skull.

Via Grillo’s Twitter:

See Ya LA. It was a a good trip. Marvel was a lot of fun. Be cool if it works out. #CaptainAmerica.

Grillo himself isn’t a household name just yet, but you’ll most likely recognize him as trainer Frank Campana in Warrior or Diaz from The Grey, also perhaps as Sarge in End of Watch. If those roles still don’t ring a bell, no worries, you’ll be seeing Grillo in Gangster Squad, Zero Dark Thirty, and Homefront, as the hard-working actor is keeping himself pretty busy. Not too busy to ignore a shot at joining the Marvel universe, though.

Crossbones, aka Brock Rumlow, has a storied past with Captain America, batting America’s hero on numerous occasions. Rumlow doesn’t have any actual superpowers, but is a fierce competitor in hand to hand combat, killing lesser superheros with ease. His rivalry with Captain America and ties to both Red Skull and Arnim Zola (Toby Jones from Captain America) make him the perfect candidate to face off against Cap this time around, with Crossbones also sporting a large involvement in the Civil War comic series arc as well. Might said arc be where Captain America: The Winter Soldier is heading story wise?

No matter if Grillo gets the part or not, you better believe more rumors will be flooding in about other possible actors, as well as other possible villains for Cap to face. But hell, have you seen the physical stature of Grillo? I’d say he’d make an equally buff competitor for the already beefy Chris Evans to take on.

With a 2014 release date for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Marvel still has a little time to test out some other actors, unless Grillo can continue riding his recent hot streak right into Marvel glory. Continue to check back and we’ll keep you up to date with all the latest Marvel casting news, including if Frank Grillo lands the Crossbones gig.

Do you think Frank Grillo as Crossbones will make a worthy adversary for Captain America? Let us know if you want to see another actor, or another villain even, be used in Captain America’s second film.

Source: The Playlist