Frank Miller Already Thinking About Ideas For Sin City 3


Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller impressed audiences and critics alike in 2005 with Sin City, an adaptation of Miller’s famous graphic novels of the same name. Based on three of the seven books in the series (The Hard Goodbye, The Big Fat Kill and The Yellow Bastard),  the movie struck a chord for its faithful devotion to the original work and its unique color palette.

A sequel was discussed early on but didn’t get the official greenlight until 2012. Titled Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, the film will hit theatres on August 22nd, a whopping eight years after the original’s release. Though we’re still quite aways away from seeing the next instalment in this franchise, according to Rodriguez, Miller is already looking ahead to Sin City 3.

“Yeah—the second Sin City– I was just here with Frank Miller last night and we were watching it last night. [We] finished the cut, effects are being done, it will come out in August.”

“He [Miller] watched Part 2—he watched it last night with me and then at the end he said, he didn’t have any comments, he was very happy with it. And he said, now about part three…. Started telling me how he’s going to do part three. So he’s already there on part three.”

It’s not surprising that Miller has ideas for a third film, especially since Sin City: A Dame To Kill For mostly focuses on the second book in the series (and even shares its name). For those keeping count at home, that means there are still three books in which they can adapt, not to mention some original stories that can be told if need be.

The only question now is whether A Dame To Kill For will be a success, coming not only so far after the original but arriving in theaters at the tail end of summer, when audiences run the risk of being burnt out by blockbuster season’s plethora of other tentpole releases (including Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, which arrives on August 1st.)

What do you think, should they make a Sin City 3Or has the time for these films come and gone? Sound off in the comments below!

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