Robert Rodriguez Teases Sin City: A Dame To Kill For Red Band Trailer, Frank Miller Teases Sin City 3


With Sin City: A Dame To Kill For rapidly approaching its August 22nd release date, much of the cast and crew were on hand at this year’s San Diego Comic Con to drum up excitement for the graphic novel adaptation. Sin City redefined the way we look at pulpy graphic adaptations, replicating the gritty black and white nature of Frank Miller’s source material, and it looks like we’ll be getting an upped dosage of stylistic violence in Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller’s co-directed sequel. In an effort to get people ready for the coming Red Band trailer release, Comic Con attendees were gifted a teaser trailer for the full red band trailer itself – yes, a teaser FOR a trailer.

Here, take a look at it below, courtesy of Comic Book Movie:

Alright, I’ll admit even those fifteen seconds got my blood going a little bit, and I sure do agree with Marv – Eva Green is a damn fine dame to kill for. Besides the smokey vision of Green, we get a few quick shots of gun firing, arrow shooting, and plenty of violence to go around, really highlighting the intensity of Sin City: A Dame To Kill for. We’ve seen some trailers and footage already for the film, so nothing is really unexpected anymore, but I can’t wait to see how Rodriguez and Miller will look to blow viewers out of the water with their red band trailer, finally showcasing just how insane this highly anticipated sequel will end up being.

In other news, Frank Miller really, really wants to make a Sin City 3, and not in another decade. At the panel for Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, Miller revealed that he’s already begun talking to Rodriguez about making a third film in their growing franchise. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Miller dropped that nugget on panel attendees, adding “So you’d better show up for number two or they won’t pay for it.” You heard the man, people!

Sin City was a decent success financially, and with so much time passing between the film’s release and Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, I expect audiences will be hungry for more crazy comic violence in a time where Marvel has dominated the comic book genre. Will it be enough to secure a Sin City 3? Only time will tell. Let’s see how this Sin City sequel comes out first before even thinking about where a third will go – but at least we know it’s a possibility!