Frat Hazing Reaches A Whole New Level In First Trailer For Goat


Whether it’s The Social Network or Nicholas Stoller’s brace of Neighbors movies, Hollywood films have incorporated the concept of frat hazing into stories before, but few have doubled down on the fabled rite of passage quite like Goat, Andrew Neel’s fraternity drama that is set for release later this year.

It’s all in the name of brotherhood, though, and today leading star Nick Jonas introduces the movie’s very first trailer via MTV. Boasting a script penned by David Gordon Green, Goat revolves around two decidedly different brothers who pledge their loyalty to the same fraternity.

But it’s the infamous initiation process that puts their relationship to the sword – one that makes all others seem like a doddle by comparison. Jonas headlines the flick as one half of the sibling pairing, while Ben Schnetzer, who looks to have been hit with the short straw judging by today’s snippet, plays the second brother.

Featuring scenes that wouldn’t look out of place in Full Metal Jacket, Jonas leads the brutal hazing process, and there’s also a minor role for one James Franco, who signed on to produce the college pic two years back. Gus Halper, Danny Flaherty, Jake Picking, and Virginia Gardner complete the cast.

Featuring cruelty, brutality and fraternity in almost equal measure, look for Goat to release in theaters on September 23.


Source: MTV