Freddy And Jason Almost Headlined A Comedy Mashup Movie


Talk about a house party gone to hell…

When Freddy vs. Jason stormed theaters in 2003, it not only gave moviegoers the death match they’d been waiting what felt like an eternity to see, but it also marked the end of a decade-long journey of making the film a reality. And, as the more diehard fans reading this are well aware, the studio burned through a number of screenplays over the course of that ten-year period, hoping to find the winning formula.

But as any general moviegoer knows, the first seed for the crossover was planted at the end of Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, which saw Freddy Krueger’s glove emerge from the depths in order to claim Jason Voorhees’ hockey mask in a joining of iconic wardrobe pieces. However, there were whispers of a mashup even before that happened and, believe us, what could’ve resulted would’ve been TRUE horror.

When recently speaking with Jason Goes to Hell visual effects artist Al Magliochetti, Bloody Disgusting managed to unearth what’ll prove to be an unforgettable piece of trivia. Believe it or not, we almost were, um, treated to a tag team match pitting Freddy and Jason against old school rappers Kid ‘n Play:

“I’d actually heard rumors about a Jason/Freddy mash-up about a year before I got involved with Jason Goes to Hell, but at the time it was being talked about as a comedy with Jason and Freddy matching wits (or half-wits, as the case may be) with Kid n’ Play (remember them?) in a kind of an ‘Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein’ spoof. Obviously that never came to pass.”

Now, we’re all aware that studio executives probably have the dumbest conversations known to humankind, but had that film ever seen the light of day, it could’ve very well killed some of our favorite franchises. And while I’m not the greatest advocate of the Freddy vs. Jason flick we ultimately ended up receiving, it’s certainly much preferable to this theoretical disaster.