Freddy Vs. Pinhead Concept Trailer Reveals The Crossover We Never Knew We Wanted


Over the years, we’ve laid eyes on all sorts of horror-tinged crossovers, be it the skin-crawling nightmare that is Alien vs. Predator or Ronny Yu’s iconic Freddy vs. Jason and all of its brutal, yet memorable kills.

There is one that’s eluded reality, though, and that’s Freddy Vs. Pinhead, a hypothetical project that would have placed the clawed Freddy Kreuger on a collision course with the legendary Cenobite, whose masochism and torture methods know no bounds.

Thankfully, the incredibly talented Stryder HD (h/t Screen Geek) has cut together a concept trailer for Freddy Vs. Pinhead, which pulls footage from a number of cult horror films including A Nightmare on Elm Street and its two sequels, The Dream Master and Final Nightmare, before adding a touch of Hellraiser into the mix with Hellbound and Clive Barker’s 1987 classic.

Pinhead in Hellraiser

As for Stryder’s efforts, this is a retro-inspired teaser for a horror crossover that we never knew we wanted, and the general gist of Freddy vs. Pinhead is eerily similar to a proposed story from Gary J. Tunnicliffe, who spoke to Screen Geek earlier this year about the possibility of bringing Pinhead and Michael Myers into the same universe.

I was just going to do a shot of Pinhead kind of watching him, and then the camera would pan up and you’d see a character chained up, but he was masking him so you couldn’t see the figure that was chained up. All you’d see is the hands lifted up from the chains, and I was going to have Pinhead turn around and walk away and it was going to be Michael Myers chained up by Pinhead.

Now, how’s that for flipping expectations on their head? Truth be told, it’s unlikely that Freddy vs. Pinhead will ever see the light of day, but this is still a fun proof-of-concept teaser nonetheless.

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