Free Guy Star Says They’d Jump At The Chance To Return For A Sequel

Free Guy
Image via 20th Century Studios

Ryan Reynolds may have been taking most of the plaudits after producing and taking top billing in Free Guy, which has shown impressive legs at the box office to become one of the pandemic’s biggest hits while also bathing in the glow of critical adulation, but Jodie Comer is every bit his equal in the movie.

Killing Eve marked her out as one of the industry’s fast-rising young talents to keep an eye on, and Free Guy was just her third feature film credit to date, with the other two being micro budget British drama England is Mine and a brief cameo in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker as Rey’s mother.

The 28 year-old will be fielding plenty of offers in the wake of Free Guy‘s success, but in a new interview with ScreenRant, Comer admitted that she’d heard about Disney asking Reynolds to start working on a sequel, and she’s more than game for a return.

“I just heard this right now! Someone else just said the same thing. I would honestly jump at the chance to be back on a set with all those guys. It was such a joyous experience, so to hear that that may be in the cards sound like a ton of fun.”

Free Guy wasn’t just an original concept not based on existing IP, but it didn’t end on a sequel-baiting note either, two increasing rarities in modern blockbuster cinema. All of the various plot threads were tied up nicely, so Reynolds will need to come up with another ingenious story to prevent a second installment from falling into all of the sequel traps the opener pilloried with such glee.