‘Free Guy’ VFX leader would love animated spinoff

Free Guy Posters

The excitement around the Free Guy universe has continued to grow, with the film’s visual effects head expressing interest in creating an animated spinoff.

When speaking with CinemaBlend, Nikos Kalaitzidis, who helmed the visual effects for the film, noted there was a lot of animated footage they had in storage which we only saw glimpses of, and that it would be easy to work with.

“I always thought it would be great to grab all the gameplay and just come up with a animated version of Free City. In some ways you know we had these environments and these characters,” he said.

“Maybe we could level up the look of the characters one more time and just do a spinoff where its 90 percent game and 10 percent live-action.”

The success of Free Guy, which includes an Oscar nomination for said visual effects, has led those behind the film to consider a range of options for continuing the story. In fact, as early as July last year, it was reported that a sequel was already in the very early stages of development

No plans have been confirmed as of yet for any sort of sequel or spin-off, and with star Ryan Reynolds set to take a break from acting, it may be a bit before we see anything. However, earning over $330 million at the box office means there’s reason to think that we’re not quite done with Free City yet.

Free Guy will be coming to Disney Plus Feb. 23.

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