Friday The 13th Part 3 Documentary Gets Release Date – And It’s Free!


Although the Friday the 13th film franchise is currently in an unfortunate state of uncertainty, it’s good to know that diehard fans of Jason Voorhees have at least some form of new content to look forward to in the near future. Sure, many of you probably dug all the interesting bits of trivia served up by the likes of His Name Was Jason and Crystal Lake Memories, but you have to admit that Friday the 13th Part 3: The Memoriam Documentary has an undeniable appeal in its own right.

We say that because while documentaries catering to film franchises as a whole certainly do make for some awesome retrospectives, those focused specifically on one movie are capable of delving much deeper, and there’s a lot we can learn from them.

Truth be told, it’s not surprising as to why someone would choose Friday the 13th Part 3 to be their subject matter. After all, it was originally released in 3D, served as the introduction of Jason’s now iconic hockey mask and offered up one hell of an opening credits theme, which I’ll maintain is second only to whatever the guy in the outhouse was singing in the fifth movie as the finest piece of music produced by the series; I guess we’ll just refer to that one as “Ooh, Baby.”

Paying tribute to Michael Brooker, the man who wielded the machete in Friday the 13th Part 3, The Memoriam Documentary finally has a release date of January 13, so you won’t have to wait much longer. What’s more is that you’ll be able to watch it for free over on the YouTube channel Friday the 13th Network. That said, you have no excuse not to check it out.