Friday The 13th Reboot Will Find Jason Voorhees Slashing Victims In Glorious 3D


The ongoing CineEurope convention has yielded some interesting reports over the past few days, like Paramount’s upcoming slate of reboots and sequels. One interesting tidbit that emerged recently is that the upcoming reboot of the iconic Friday the 13th franchise will be in 3D.

That news item seems to indicate that Paramount’s (terrible) plan to turn the next installment in the perennial slasher series into a found-footage affair have been dropped. While I don’t have very high hopes for the film, it’s good to hear that the studio is locking down plans to deliver a Friday the 13th 3D movie before it starts rolling, so that they can avoid a cheap post-production conversion.

David Bruckner is still in talks to helm the next installment of the series for Paramount and Platinum Dunes. The director only has a 2007 flick called The Signal and the “Amateur Night” segment of V/H/S under his belt, but the two studios clearly have confidence in his ability to do right by the franchise.

I never saw The Signal, though it did receive positive reviews (and a Fangoria Chainsaw Award nomination for AJ Bowen’s supporting performances), but I did enjoy “Amateur Night.” For those of you who saw V/H/S, that was the segment where a creepy succubus gruesomely turned the tables on three friends who bring her back to their hotel room for sex. A lot of critics didn’t focus on Bruckner’s direction in that segment, considering it was found footage, but he did a very solid and subtle job of directing audiences’ attention.

The Friday the 13th reboot has been scheduled for November 13th, 2015, so we’ll likely hear more about casting and who officially snags directorial duties in a few months. As always, We Got This Covered will keep you posted as more news emerges about this movie (which will actually be the thirteenth installment in the series, so get ready for lots of quasi-clever marketing and a quippy title).