Friday The 13th Star Adrienne King Reveals Her Secret Uncredited Role In Ghostbusters


Adrienne King is one of the best things about Friday the 13th, with her terror and trauma at being stalked by Jason all too plausible. Her character Alice Hardy even survived the events of the original movie, only to catch an ice pick in the temple courtesy of Jason in Friday the 13th Part 2. But, not content with being in two of the 1980’s most iconic films, she’s now revealed that she also had an uncredited role in Ghostbusters.

In a post on her Facebook page, the actress disclosed the 34-year-old secret, saying the following:

“HERE”S a Little known trivia fact.. I was hired onto GHOSTBUSTERS as a stuntwoman for 2 weeks. This was after F13 th 1 and 2.. I needed to make $$ for my Screen Actors Guild in order to keep my health insurance and I wasn’t interested in ON-Camera work for obvious reasons.. my dear friend Tony Farentino introduced me to Cliff Cudney who was the Stunt Coordinator on the movie.. He asked if I’d done any stuntwork before.. I remember answering “not officially.. but I did all my own stunts for Friday the 13th!” He laughed & said “You’re hired!! You survived F13! You’re officially a Stunt woman in my book!! And I made more $$ from Ghostbusters than all my F13 residuals combined..!! CHEERS!!”

friday the 13th remake

Pretty cool stuff, eh? Fans went on to ask her which bits of the film she’s in, to which she responded: “All over the place. Jumping out of the way of the crazy taxi cab..Central Park name it.” That means, if you watch this clip, that might well be King in the blue jeans jumping out of the way.

I don’t know about you, but all this talk of Friday the 13th has made me really miss the franchise. The excellent online multiplayer game based on it was developing into something extremely promising until it was caught up in a legal challenge revolving around original screenwriter Victor Miller, who claims he has proof that he’s entitled to the rights to the franchise. Until that works its way through the courts, we’re unlikely to see Jason on screen anytime soon, but seriously, the property is just aching for the same kind of careful treatment Blumhouse is giving Halloween.

Source: Facebook