Friday The 13th Star Has Some Ideas For The Next Movie

Jason Friday the 13th

While many fans wouldn’t recognize him on the street, Kane Hodder is arguably the most important piece of one of the biggest horror franchises in cinematic history. The actor has portrayed Jason Voorhees more than any other performer in the Friday the 13th series, donning the infamous hockey mask in four separate installments.

According to him, however, that’s not enough. Hodder recently revealed his wishes for the next chapter and they involve him returning as the notorious slasher.

“I just think that when they do do a 13th one, it certainly couldn’t hurt to bring me back as Jason, unless it’s in 20 years, maybe. But it certainly couldn’t hurt the success of the movie, I don’t think, having the only person that’s played the role more than once to come back for the final one.

I think that part would be interesting, but I’d like to see, if, in fact, they say this is the final one, I’d like to see some of the characters that survived come back, like Corey Feldman’s character (Tommy Jarvis), and somehow written into the story why they’re back. It could be an interesting storyline, having people that survived Jason come back. ‘Oh, I remember that girl’ or, ‘I remember that guy from previous movies and they never got killed.’ I think it could be an interesting storyline.”

It’s certainly not a horrible idea. Some horror franchises continually bring back both heroes and villains across various movies. That’s never been the case with Friday the 13th, however, as the flicks mostly focus on the killer rather than his victims. In fact, most of the one-note human characters that appear throughout the series are flat and entirely forgettable.

Unfortunately, any good ideas had by anyone are likely to sit on the shelf for the foreseeable future. The franchise is currently mired in a messy legal battle that doesn’t look like it’s going to end any time soon. Until this courtroom drama concludes, future installments starring Jason Voorhees are permanently on hold.

In the meantime, Hodder can spend his time chasing after his dream of finally playing Michael Myers on the big screen. Maybe he can even review Tom McLoughlin’s proposed Friday the 13th script and offer some of his expertise. Regardless, the actor certainly has some good ideas and plenty of time to sit with them until everything gets sorted out by the powers that be.