Friday The 13th Star Wants To See Jason Voorhees Vs. Michael Myers

Friday the 13th

Horror franchises crossing over is typically what happens when both respective properties have reached the bottom of the creative barrel, and can’t come up with any worthwhile ideas for themselves separately. Freddy vs. Jason may have been a hit at the box office, but it was far from a great movie, and the two Alien vs. Predator efforts are generally regarded as the low point for the extraterrestrial icons.

But, what about watching Michael Myers in a battle to the death against Jason Voorhees in a mashup between Halloween and Friday the 13th? No? What if it starred Corey Feldman, 1980s icon from The Goonies and The Lost Boys, who also featured in the latter’s fourth and fifth installments The Final Chapter and A New Beginning over 35 years ago?

Still no? Well, what if he came up with the entire concept himself, which also involved the return of scream queen Danielle Harris, who played two different characters in separate Halloween timelines across four films between 1988 and 2009? Whether that tickles your fancy or not, Feldman went into detail about his pitch for a Friday the 13th vs. Halloween spectacular in a recent interview, and he’s at least put some serious thought into it.

“I got a call from New Line who said, ‘We want to meet with you and talk to you about doing a Friday the 13th thing, do you have any thoughts?’. And based on that early idea I had for Jason vs Michael Myers, I said ‘Well, yeah, I like the idea of Jason coming back and looking for Tommy Jarvis and having the whole H20 kind of vibe’. Where it would be me coming back playing the original character for the first time as an adult, and the fight between Tommy and Jason. So like, do Tommy vs Jason. Or you could add another layer to it and you could bring in Danielle from Halloween, and she could reprise her role as an adult, and I could reprise my role as an adult, and how cool would that be? Is that not the wet dream of every horror movie fan from the 80s?”

Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash was mooted in the aftermath of the initial New Line Cinema event, but Bruce Campbell wasn’t too sold on its merits, so it never wound up materializing. Of course, Friday the 13th is still mired in complex legal issues and has been absent from our screens for a decade and counting, but stranger things have definitely happened in the genre than Corey Feldman riding to the rescue with the pitch of a lifetime.