Timely Fan-Made Trailer For Friday The 13th Resurrects Jason Voorhees


Had things panned out differently, 2017 would have gone down as a banner year for Jason Voorhees.

With the launch of Gun Media and IllFonic’s electrifying survival horror game, the stage was set for Paramount to resurrect Friday the 13th. But sadly, it wasn’t to be.

After years spent percolating on the fringes of development, during which time it was delayed on three separate occasions, the studio decided to cut its losses and scrap the Friday the 13th reboot (sorry, Friday the 13th: Camp Blood – The Death of Jason Voorhees) entirely. And so, another chance goes begging for Jason Voorhees and the folks of Camp Crystal Lake, but this being Friday the 13th of October, filmmaker Nick Merola has taken matters into his own hands to produce a clever, wonderfully violent trailer.

First spotted by Bloody Disgusting, this is the kind of faux trailer that fans have been crying out for, and though Paramount’s handling of Friday the 13th has been nothing short of frustrating, Nick Merola issued a statement celebrating one of horror’s time-honored icons.

Friday the 13th is one of the longest-running film franchises of all time and fans have long awaited Jason’s return to the big screen. The purpose of the trailer is to announce the return of this slasher legend and to let the fans know they have not been forgotten – Jason lives!

Primarily shot in New Jersey, Nick Merola and his team have delivered a rather fitting tribute to Jason Voorhees and the legacy of Camp Crystal Lake. That being said, it only leaves us longing for what could have been, given Paramount’s Friday the 13th revival was slated for this very day before it was axed.

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