Watch: Dad Hires Jason Voorhees To Pick His Son Up From School

Friday the 13th

Jason Voorhees of Friday the 13th fame may not seem like the kind of guy you’d want anywhere near your kids, but in a new video shared by SWNS, we see the legendary serial killer paying a friendly visit to one lucky boy on his birthday.

According to the video’s description, father Sam Murphy arranged this meeting as a treat for his son Carter, who has ADHD. Sam reportedly asked Carter what he wanted for his special day, and was told that his one wish was to meet the hockey-masked murderer.

Sure enough, though Sam warned his son that it would be difficult to arrange, Carter found the infamous Mr. Voorhees waiting for him outside the school gates. You can watch the short video above, in which Jason and a grinning Carter are seen walking home hand in hand.

It’s been almost four decades now since the first Friday the 13th hit theaters, and it seems the popular slasher franchise is still finding young fans. Nonetheless, it’s also been over ten years since a new Jason movie came out, and given all the legal messiness that’s currently surrounding the property, it could be a while yet before another film is announced.

According to recent reports, the legal battle between screenwriter Victor Miller and director Sean S. Cunningham is heading to court later this month, at which point, we’ll hopefully get a better idea of how much longer this dispute is likely to drag on for.

In the meantime, the Friday the 13th franchise is in a state of limbo, but so long as Jason Voorhees remains one of the biggest pop culture figures of slasher cinema, fans still have reason to hope that he’ll some day wield his trademark machete once more.

Source: SWNS