There Might Be A Fright Night Sequel In The Works

Although I’ve never met anybody who has actually seen the Fright Night remake, that’s no reason to judge rumors that a sequel is in the works: you use box office receipts to do all your judging, people.

And as far as box office receipts go, Fright Night made just $11 million in profits (which, I expect, still comes at a loss, given the expensive nature of today’s marketing).

Not exactly the kind of numbers that get unnecessary sequels in the works. Isn’t that right, Michael Bay?

But apparently Fright Night is some sort of crazy exception, as there’s been talk of another movie in the series making its way into cinemas near you. Maybe there’s a Hollywood executive out there who just loves Fright Night. Can’t get enough of Fright Night. Must fund Fright Night.

Or there’s some sneaky plan in motion. All we can gather is that vampires are still hot property, and this is a vampire franchise with an already-established fan base (so we hear). It’s unlikely, though, that Colin Farrell would return to the series, given that nobody knew he was in the first one, anyway, and celebrities like recognition.

What do you think? Care for a second Fright Night movie? Did you even see the first?

Source: The Film Stage