Fright Night Director Tom Holland Adapting Stephen King’s The Ten O’Clock People

First Showing is reporting that the original Fright Night director Tom Holland, is reuniting with Stephen King to adapt a feature film of the horror writer’s short story, The Ten O’Clock People. The two last collaborated in the 1990s, most notably on the television show The Langoliers and the film Thinner, which was Holland’s last theatrical feature.

The Ten O’Clock People follows Brandon Pearson, a man who tries to quit smoking. He subsequently learns that many high-ranking officials, including the Vice-President, are inhuman monsters. Only people who are trying to quit smoking can see the truth, due to a unique chemical imbalance in their bodies. Brandon and his fellow ten o’clock people, as those who are also used to taking a morning smoking break are called, have to stand their ground against the monsters when they find out they’ve been discovered.

Holland is calling the modernized film version of The Ten O’Clock People, which will begin shooting this summer, a “paranoid suspense piece.”

There’s no word yet of who will be starring in the movie but stay tuned for updates.