Frozen II Star Slams Cats, Says She’s Speechless At How Bad It Is


If the movie Cats had 9 lives, it’s probably lost almost all of them by this point. The big screen adaptation of the beloved Broadway musical pulled in a measly $6.5 million against a budget of nearly $100 million over its opening weekend and its current score on Rotten Tomatoes is 18% at the time of writing. Ouch!

Any semblance of life for Cats is all but gone, then, but the internet continues to pile on the hate, refusing to leave the poor movie alone. The latest big name to speak up is Frozen II and Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood, who tore into Cats earlier today on social media. In a now-deleted Tweet, she wrote:

“……..#cats is actually worse than I thought it would be, And I already thought it would be horrible. But….I am actually speechless. Why would you change the choreography? I…am SPEECHLESS,”

Refusing to let up, she continued to voice her thoughts on Instagram, telling her followers:

“I have to have an actual live reaction of this. What the f—, what the f—, what the f—? What? What? What… the f—? What the f—? Oh my god! They changed all the iconic choreography. Took out 70% of the main characters. Changed the plot. I grew up in theatre. I was married to a dancer. I have massive respect for what they do, which is why this was such a letdown and missed opportunity for that community.”

Harsh, but not unjustified. After all, Cats is a spectacular failure on every single level and will no doubt go down as a massive blunder on the CV of many esteemed talents. Don’t forget, “Academy Award winner Judi Dench, six-time Olivier Award winner Ian McKellen, Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson and four-time Grammy Award winner Taylor Swift” were all involved in the proejct, among many others.

And while Universal is now playing the desperation card, trying to convince audiences that Cats isn’t actually a bad movie and telling us that the critics are wrong, we’ve still yet to find one person who genuinely enjoyed this absolute mess of a film. But maybe you can prove otherwise.

Tell us, did you happen to dig the pic? Or did you think it was a complete trainwreck like almost everyone else who’s seen it? Sound off down below and let us know.

Source: Variety