Full Carjacking Scene From The Amazing Spider-Man

Photo credit to geekrest

While the trailers have hinted an intricate web of plot and character development, Wal-Mart’s Amazing Spider-Man sneak peek clip has revealed Peter Parker’s signature wit in action. Today, the video surfaced online and it shows Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, stopping a carjacking in progress, then proceeding to escape from a police officer. This is the same scene that was hinted at through various trailers and now we have it in full.

Personally, I think I’ve finally been swayed to watch this movie. Andrew Garfield’s casual movements with his webbing and hilarious laidback quips add some much needed easygoing poise to this adaption of Peter Parker. Watching the suit in motion isn’t as tacky at first glance as well, and a moment where Peter checks the carjacker’s wrist has been speculated to suggest that Uncle Ben may have died by this point.

The Amazing Spider-Man whips into theatres on July 3rd and you can check out the clip below.

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