Full Length Trailer For The Bourne Legacy

A full length trailer for The Bourne Legacy has hit the internet today.

Tasked with the challenge of introducing a new character to lead the Bourne series, Universal is trying their hardest to make audiences familiar with Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner), the new face of their action franchise.

The teaser trailer did a good job at introducing Cross and left us wanting more. Luckily, the full length trailer delivers exactly what we wanted. More of everything.

We get more plot, more action, more looks at the cast and just a better overall feel for the direction that the film is heading in. Renner takes front and center in the new trailer and Universal has done a solid job of establishing him as the new face of the series.

Thrown in are also a couple nods to Jason Bourne and from what we see here, it seems as if the events in the film run parallel to the events that took place in The Bourne Ultimatum, which could work out quite well. In fact, for those keen observers, there’s a whole bunch of hints in the trailer as to where the story in The Bourne Legacy is going to take us. Watch carefully.

Story aside, the fighting looks to be visceral and the action looks well shot and well paced. As for the cast, they all look great, especially Renner and Edward Norton. I can’t wait to see those two go head to head. Speaking of Renner, he looks very comfortable in the lead role and he should have no problem establishing himself as a bonafide action movie lead.

Everything about the film seems pretty promising but I’ll let you check out the trailer and see for yourself.

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