Full-Length Trailers For The Conjuring And This Is The End Finally Unleashed

Hey horror fans, are you ready for your brains to be melted by two blockbuster genre movies which FINALLY released full-length trailers? You are? Well look no further, as both James Wan’s The Conjuring and the Seth Rogen/Evan Goldberg directed This Is The End have once again proven there’s no reason you should miss either of these movies this summer.

While I would have loved to also been able to say that both films gave us a Red Band look, only This Is The End brings all the gore and obscenities you can expect, while The Conjuring keeps it eerie yet family friendly – even though the film was given an R rating for being too damn scary.

Let’s start with The Conjuring so you can give the trailer a watch, piss yourself in fear ten times worse than the original teaser trailer made you, and then let some familiar funny-men laugh away the scares James Wan achieves in only a two minute trailer. Don’t believe me? Watch at your own risk – although I HIGHLY recommend you do if you’re still on the fence with what appears to be yet another stellar ghost story from Wan. Actually, scratch that, everyone should watch this trailer, what am I saying?

Terrifying, right? Like I said, the teaser trailer really set the haunted atmosphere rather well, but didn’t show any of Patrick Wilson or Vera Farmiga as famed paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. This brand new full-length trailer fixes that rather well, and shows the full dynamic Wan is going for. This is also a perfect example of proper jump-scare usage, creating a horrifyingly tense atmosphere before inserting a few jumping ghosts or trick mirror shots instead of relying on them.

Up next is the horror/comedy This Is The End, featuring everyone’s favorite Apatow-bred comedians along with a slew of their celebrity friends fighting for their lives during the apocalypse. How can a film with that premise go wrong?! Check out the full-length Red Band trailer below:

Gotcha! Sorry, couldn’t resist posting their April Fool’s joke for you all as well. OK, as promised, here’s the real full-length trailer:

Now that’s more like it. Personally, I was hooked by their first teaser trailer, but now that we actually see some of the gore and more of the cameos – consider me 100% invested. The cast alone is enough to get me drooling, and I know we’re in store for more of the same raunchy inappropriate humor like we’re used to from the minds of Rogen and Goldberg, but coupled with monsters, aliens, lava pits, and whatever the hell else our characters are fighting?

C’mon, how is that NOT going to rule?! Oh yeah, if they just showed us all the funniest portions in the trailer, which I’m slightly afraid of myself, but I’ll let my optimism fully take over and forget I just said that.

Whether these films play out to be huge hits is still completely up in the air as neither have been screened yet, but if these recent trailers for The Conjuring and This Is The End are any indication of what we’re in store for later this year, I’m predicting it’s going to be a VERY good summer for horror fans.

So what do you think about the trailers? Let us know in the comments which film you think will be the bigger hit!