Full Man Of Steel Trailer Appears Online

As expected, the full version of the Man of Steel trailer has hit the internet. It’s different then the one we saw at Comic-Con last weekend and for some reason, there seem to be two different versions, one that has Jor El (Russell Crowe) doing the voice over and one with Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner) doing it.

After watching the trailer, I must say, I’m rather underwhelmed. The footage shown in the Comic-Con preview was far more exciting. What we see here is pretty low key and definitely not as action packed as what was shown last weekend. It’s a pretty lame excuse for a trailer, but then again, it’s only a teaser so I guess we’re lucky to have any footage at all. It’s just hard to be excited about this when you compare it to what audiences at Comic-Con got to see.

For a film that has so much hype and so much riding on it, I am a bit surprised that Warner Brothers would release a first trailer that’s so mediocre. You’d think that they would really go all out for this one.

Maybe that’s just my opinion though, head over to the next page to see the trailer for yourself.

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