Furiosa’s Anya Taylor-Joy Will Do Driving Stunts In Mad Max Spinoff

Anya Taylor-Joy has been announced to play Furiosa in the upcoming Mad Max: Furiosa prequel spinoff being directed by George Miller and slated to release in June 2023. Charlize Theron played the older Furiosa in the Mad Max: Fury Road, but Taylor-Joy will play a younger Furiosa for the new film.

According to today’s profile of Taylor-Joy in LA Times, she has been learning to “drive like a badass” to perform most of her own death-defying vehicular stunts on film. Director George Miller’s stunt team has been helping her train behind the wheel. In Fury Road, the elder Furiosa drives a War Rig as the most fearsome warrior serving under Immortan Joe, before she betrays him and flees in one of the most impressive chase scenes in the film.

We learned in Fury Road that Furiosa grew up in a female tribe called the Vuvulani who lived in The Green Place. While we don’t know any story details of the upcoming Furiosa film, it seems likely that Taylor-Joy will portray Furiosa in her 20s, when she is kidnapped and pulled into Immortan Joe’s army.

You can see in Fury Road that Furiosa has been fearless behind the wheel for many years. Regardless of the eventual story details of Mad Max: Furiosa, we can be sure to see that skill on display from Taylor-Joy in the upcoming prequel next summer!