Future Is Bright For Will Smith, Joel Edgerton And David Ayer


For a brief moment there, it looked very much as though the Will Smith blockbuster train was grinding to an unfortunate, disappointing halt. The actor’s career took a giant hit with the critical failure of After Earth, and was only partially redeemed by Focus and Concussion. But, along came the soon-to-be-released Suicide Squad, and suddenly the train is rolling once more. It is little surprise, then, to hear that Smith is already on board for the next project helmed by his Suicide Squad director – Bright.

Characterized as a “contemporary cop thriller with fantastical elements,” the script is written by Max Landis (Chronicle), and also has Joel Edgerton (The Gift) attached to the cast. It is being sold as an action spec package, with Eric Newman (Robocop), Bryan Unkeless (the Hunger Games franchise), and Max Landis producing.

As a movie prospect, Bright is intriguing. Director David Ayer is renowned for the power of his characters, and the kinetic energy of his narratives. These are the elements that have helped to build such great anticipation for Suicide Squad, having made his previous projects – such as Street Kings, End Of Watch and Fury – notable critical successes.

Adding the compelling presence of Will Smith to that mix makes for a must-see package. However, as a writer, Max Landis has proven himself to be less consistent – with his brilliant feature-writing debut Chronicle being followed by the less-than-stellar Victor Frankenstein, Mr Right, and American Ultra. His own self-penned directorial debut – Me Him Her – has a limited theatrical and VOD release on March 11th 2016.

So, the question is, will Bright be Chronicle-quality Landis, or not? The fact that the script has attracted David Ayer, Will Smith and Joel Edgerton would suggest that this could be Landis operating at the top of his game once more – in which case, this is definitely one to be excited about.