Gal Gadot Describes Her Justice League Co-Stars


Let’s be honest – there’s something about superhero movies that just captures the imagination in a way that few other film genres do. Whether it’s Marvel or DC, these movies about epic clashes between super-powered titans and their nefarious foes keep us on the edge of our seats, and desperate for any snippet of information. Inevitably, that strange brand of affection stretches to the actors filling those iconic roles – and don’t we just long to hear that they are exactly like their characters in real life? Well, according to Gal Gadot, the Justice League gang are just that.

In a brief comment that is sure to delight DC fans everywhere, Gal Gadot described her experience filming Justice League, and her take on her co-stars, while promoting Keeping Up With The Joneses with Hey U Guys.

“They’re all different and great, you know working with such a big cast and having so many different personalities on set every day, it was super interesting. They’re lovely people.

“It’s funny because each and every one of them is their character in a weird way. Henry is super, you know he has this good will and is polished and pure. Ben is more cynical and more dark and more Batman-y. Aquaman, you have Jason who’s like this huge dude who loves fish and he drinks water, and it was great fun, and I really enjoyed working with them.”

For me, that’s more than enough to get excited for Justice League before it hits theatres on November 17th, 2017, although I’m sure we’ll be inundated with marketing material long before then. This does leave us with two, big, unanswered questions, though. Firstly, does this mean that Gal Gadot is just like Wonder Woman, “in a weird way”? I truly hope so. Secondly, how much patience is required to do a press junket with a co-star that has two giant comic book movies coming out? We can only speculate on that one, unfortunately.