Gal Gadot Hits The Gym For Wonder Woman 1984 In New Photo


Are the Justice Leaguers in competition over who can get the most ripped? And if so, have they forgotten that Jason Momoa is part of this franchise?

Mere days after Henry Cavill’s personal trainer posted an image on Vero of the Superman actor lifting weights, Gal Gadot took to Instagram to share a photo from a recent gym session, showing off the muscles she’ll be sporting in Wonder Woman 1984. We half-expect to see Ezra Miller displaying a new six-pack on Snapchat any day now.

The pic comes at the end of a relatively slow week for announcements regarding the hotly anticipated superhero sequel, with Warner Bros. likely saving the big reveals for next week’s San Diego Comic-Con. Gadot herself will reportedly be attending the weekend to present the first footage from the movie. She won’t be the only DCEU representative making an SDCC appearance, mind you. It looks like the first trailer for Aquaman will finally be shown to the public next week, too, and you can also expect to see a little something from the upcoming Shazam!.

On top of that, there’s a chance that Wonder Woman 1984 will give us a better look at the main woman/feline that Gadot will be using her well-earned muscles against. So far we’ve yet to see Kristen Wiig take the full villainous form of Cheetah, the primary antagonist of Wonder Woman’s next adventure, though we did get an image of Wiig in the more mundane attire of Cheetah’s alter ego Barbara Minerva a couple of weeks ago.

Of course, another reason that fans of the Themysciran princess may be heading to San Diego later this month is to potentially learn a little more about the mysterious reappearance of Steve Trevor. Wonder Woman’s old love interest has been popping up in a whole load of set pics despite supposedly dying several decades prior to the film’s titular year, and apparently the internet wants to know how.

SDCC probably won’t give us all the answers that we seek, but there’s still plenty of time for DC to fill us in on the necessary details before Wonder Woman 1984 drops on November 1st, 2019, at which point we can see if all that time Gal Gadot spent at the gym was put to good use.