Gal Gadot Is Excited To Work With Lynda Carter In Wonder Woman 3


Wonder Woman Actress Gal Gadot said she is excited to work with the star of the original Wonder Woman TV series Lynda Carter who appeared briefly at the end of Wonder Woman ‘84 as Asteria and will reprise the role with substantially more screen time for the upcoming Wonder Woman 3.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Gadot gushed over the prospect of working with Carter.

“Yes!,” Gadot said in the clip which can be viewed below.”The most amazing thing, other than the fact that I get to wear the costume, the Wonder Woman costume again and get inside her boots, is the fact that I can work with my amazing collaborators and work with Patty Jenkins again, and I’m super grateful for that.”

Jenkins, who directed both of the first two Wonder Woman films, will be returning for the third entry in the saga and participated in a panel with Lynda Carter during the latest D.C. Fandome event.

“We’re super excited about Wonder Woman 3,” Jenkins said during the panel “Gal, who is so bummed not to be here, who is the busiest person in the world with now three little kids and shooting, she’s so bummed not to be able to be here. But we are all three very excited about some exciting things coming up with Wonder Woman 3.”

Wonder Woman 3 is still in the early production stages, so details about the film’s plot and release date remain unknown, though Lynda Carter’s Asteria, the Amazon warrior who chose to live in the realm of humanity instead of Themiscira, is sure to play a prominent role.