WB Storms Comic-Con With First Wonder Woman 1984 Footage


Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman is the shining light of the slightly tarnished DCEU, so naturally, fans were eager to see her return in all her glory at SDCC – and she didn’t disappoint. During the Warner Bros. panel, the studio screened an exclusive clip from the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984, and it drove those in attendance absolutely bananas.

The footage featured Diana battling gunmen inside a shopping mall as the shocked public look on. Recognizing that her first priority is to ensure the safety of the civilians, she tosses an astonished young girl into a giant plush teddy bear before doing her superpowered battle princess thing and taking down two gunman, crushing their weapons in the process. She then whips her lasso around the pair and dives off the platform to the lower level of the mall. The last we see of Wondy in the clip is her heroically charging down the street in full Amazonian regalia.

From what we can tell, this footage makes it clear that Patty Jenkins has a tight grip on the action elements of the film, hopefully equalling or bettering the already pretty damn kickass scenes from Wonder Woman. 

Interestingly, during the same panel, Gal Gadot explained that she doesn’t see the sequel as retreading the original, saying:

“The way we look at it: It’s not a sequel. It’s its own story. It’s own movie.”

This perhaps hints that the production is aware that the connected universe conceit powering the DCEU might become less of a focus going forward. And frankly, after the disaster of Justice League, this comes as something of a relief. After all, allowing movies to tell their own story without having to crowbar in plot elements for films a couple of years down the road is no doubt a positive move.

Whatever happens to the DCEU as a whole, it’s a dead cert that a Wonder Woman movie starring Gal Gadot and directed by Patty Jenkins is something to look forward to. And with any luck, WB will release that Comic-Con footage online sooner rather than later.