Gal Gadot Strikes A Pose On First Wonder Woman Promo Posters

Straight out of the 2016 Licensing Expo comes a bunch of new promo posters for another upcoming title on Warner Bros.’ DC slate. The Patty Jenkins-directed Wonder Woman movie is a year away from release, and while we’ve seen a few glimpses here and there of footage, it’s still interesting to see how the studio is positioning its first female superhero pic in marketing materials.

After making an entrance in this year’s Batman V Superman, Gal Gadot returns to play the Amazonian warrior for a standalone pic that’s both a prequel to Dawn of Justice and a period film. By the looks of things, she’ll be keeping ahold of the same costume worn while kicking the butt of Doomsday. It’s no surprise to see her wielding her trusty sword and shield, striking a similar pose to ones on the early Batman V Superman posters.


With production on Wonder Woman having recently drawn to a close, Gadot isn’t slowing down on the DC front; she’s currently hard at work on the Dawn of Justice follow-up Justice League, which is shooting over in London right now and is apparently going to correct a lot the mistakes Batman V Superman made.

Meanwhile, Jenkins and her team will be busy in post-production getting Diana Prince’s solo flick up to snuff before it opens on June 2, 2017, which hopefully means we’ll get treated to a teaser trailer at this year’s Comic-Con.