Gal Gadot’s Fearless Warrior Goes Over The Top In New Wonder Woman Action Shot; Teases Coming-Of-Age Story


How does Wonder Woman differ from the likes of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice? Because it focuses on a younger, more naive Diana Prince at a different period of her life.

That’s according to lead star Gal Gadot, who spoke to in anticipation of Patty Jenkins’ standalone pic launching into theaters this June. Indeed, the interview arrives hand-in-hand with a new action shot of Gadot’s immortal warrior going over the top (see above), as she prepares to march on to the front lines and, ultimately, save humanity from itself just as World War I begins to reach its bloody climax. When quizzed about the unique tenets of Wonder Woman, the actress noted that although Zack Snyder’s titanic blockbuster introduced Diana as a confident, accomplished hero, the upcoming spinoff will shed light on how that character came to be, essentially, as she prepares to leave the idyllic nest of Themyscira.

“Well the character is different. I feel like with the character that I played in Batman v Superman was more realistic and more mature and more a woman, a mature woman. In this one, this is the coming of the age of Diana. She starts as a very naïve girl. Naive, positive, happy, and seeking for good, but in Batman v Superman she’s been through a lot.”

Not only that, but Gal Gadot went on to reveal that Diana’s accent will be slightly different come June, given how her heroine is still in the process of learning humanity’s many languages.

“Her accent in Wonder Woman is more Themysciran. She still has some of her Themysciran accent in Batman v Superman, but she knows hundreds of languages. Starting here in Themyscira, they’re well educated. She knows to speak every language that you can think of, and in this one, she has a heavier accent, a Themysciran accent and in Batman v Superman it’s lighter, but it’s still there.”

Following in the footsteps of Man of Steel, Batman V Superman and David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman is on course to light up theaters on June 2nd. Diana Prince’s solo film has been a long, long time coming, and it’s fair to say that excitement for Patty Jenkins’ coming-of-age story is through the roof, but will it be enough to course-correct Warner’s superhero universe after a string of middling disappointments? Time will tell.

Source: Comic Book