Gambit Release Pushed Back Again; Supporting Roles May Be Recast

Fans have been begging for a Channing Tatum-led Gambit movie forever now, and in 2016, they're finally going to get one. With the character set to appear in both X-Men: Apocalypse and his own solo outing in 2016, all eyes are on 20th Century Fox to see if they can give us a better version of the character than we got with 2009's X-Men: Origins Wolverine. With the way the franchise is currently going though, we're pretty confident that they can.


After all of the drama surrounding Fox’s planned Gambit movie, a director was finally settled on in Edge of Tomorrow‘s Doug Liman – but that wasn’t the end of the X-Men spinoff’s problems. About a month ago we found out that the movie would not make its original October 2016 release, and now THR reports that it’s been pushed back yet again.

Though no specific release date is given, production isn’t even expected to kick off until late 2016, so it’ll most likely be well into 2107 before Gambit hits theaters. Liman is currently working on a script rewrite, but he’ll actually helm another movie before cameras role on Remy LeBeau’s solo outing: psychological thriller The Wall for Amazon Studios.

Though Channing Tatum is still on board to play the Ragin’ Cajun, word is that Liman intends to recast the supporting roles. As far as we were aware, the only other confirmed cast member was Lea Seydoux (Spectre), who would have played Bella Donna Boudreaux, but there may have been others that simply weren’t announced.

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