Gareth Edwards Confirms Godzilla 2 Return, Reveals Sequel’s Monsters


Though the biggest Comic-Con event of the day so far has unquestionably been Zack Snyder’s unveiling of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Legendary’s news today about Godzilla personally excites me much more. At Comic-Con, the studio has revealed that Godzilla helmer Gareth Edwards (who’ll next helm a Star Wars spinoff) will be back on board for Godzilla 2, and that the sequel is going to boast a lot more of the big green lizard monster himself.

As you can see from the tweets below, Legendary has big plans for the Godzilla franchise – and after Edwards’ film did gangbusters at the box office, why shouldn’t it? The box office returns for Godzilla indicated that there’s still a big appetite for this series:

Very, very exciting news for fans. One of the main gripes that people had with this year’s Godzilla was that it kept the titular monster shrouded for far too long, but it sounds like he’ll be on full display in the sequels – in addition to many classic Godzilla foes.

Even if you don’t know the original films very well, those names should all ring a bell. Rodan, Mothra and King Ghidorah are as beloved as Godzilla in some circles, and those fans who wildly anticipated Edwards’ Godzilla film will doubtless be shedding lots of happy tears today. It’s safe to say that Legendary has practically erased from memory that awful Matthew Broderick Godzilla vehicle – the franchise’s future has never looked brighter.