Gareth Edwards Stole The Death Star Plans From Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Set

With Rogue One: A Star Wars Story now less than two weeks away, it’s all hands on deck over at Disney as the studio makes their final marketing push to ensure that each and every person on the face of this planet knows that there’s a new Star Wars film on its way – or at least, that’s how they’ve been making it seem, given the assault of trailers, clips, promos and posters we’ve been subjected to lately.

As part of that aforementioned promotional campaign, the House of Mouse held a special live event yesterday with the cast and crew, and while it yielded some never before seen footage from the blockbuster, we also learnt a few interesting tidbits during the panel. One of which came from director Gareth Edwards.

When asked if he had kept any props or costumes from the set, here’s what he let slip:

“There was only thing I wanted that whole shoot,” Edwards told the moderator, “and the entire time, I kept whispering to people like, ‘Where do you keep that? Where will it be at the end? How do I get hold of it? Can I have it?’ And it was like, ‘Aw, no, this is going to be archived. It’s like part of film history and blah-blah-blah.’ So obviously I didn’t do this because they’ll want it back.”

Refusing to believe the director’s words, the cast pushed him to spill his secret, and after a bit of prodding he finally dropped this little nugget: “I stole the Death Star plans.”

Hardly something to stop the presses of course, but a fun little bit of trivia nonetheless. After all, the entire plot of Rogue One essentially revolves around stealing those plans, so it’s pretty fitting that Edwards made off with them once shooting had wrapped – don’t you think?

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hits theatres on December 16th, 2016 – just don’t expect there to be a sequel, because we already have one (technically).