Gary Oldman And Helena Bonham Carter Offered Roles In Akira

Twitch is reporting that both Gary Oldman and Helena Bonham Carter have been offered roles in the recently-greenlit adaptation of Katsuhiro Ohtomo‘s graphic novel Akira.

You may recall that the graphic novel, which was adapted into a very popular anime film back in 1988, follows the story of a secret military project that transforms a member of a biker gang into a psionic psychopath. Oldman has been offered the role of the Colonel while Carter has been offered the role of Lady Miyako. There has also been word circulating that Garrett Hedlund, last seen in Tron: Legacy, is in talks for the lead role of Kaneda.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve seen the famous anime film, but I remember it being a very interesting concept. Throw in the greatness that is Gary Oldman, who is getting serious Oscar buzz for his performance in the upcoming Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (and yet has somehow never even been nominated for one), and Helena Bonham Carter, who’s been wonderful in everything from The King’s Speech to Sweeney Todd, and you’re sure to have a fascinating film. As for Hedlund, he hasn’t been around for very long, but he did show some promise in Tron.

The American remake is being directed by Jaume Collet-Serra (Unknown) from a screenplay by Mark Fergus, Steve Kloves, Hawk Ostby, and Albert Torres.

There is no release date currently set for the film.

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