Gary Oldman Is The Highest Grossing Actor Of All Time

Though it may surprise many moviegoers, the highest grossing actor of all time is none other than Gary Oldman, according to THR. Personally, I was a bit surprised when I saw this, I would have thought that someone like Tom Cruise or Harrison Ford held that honor, not Oldman.

When you think about it though, this does make sense. Gary Oldman has both the Harry Potter franchise and The Dark Knight franchise under his belt, that alone would put him right near the top. Throw in some of his other big hits like The Fifth Element, Kung Fu Panda 2 and Air Force One and you can begin to see why he’s the highest grossing actor.

Now, it should also be noted that Oldman isn’t just lucky to find himself in big budget blockbusters frequently, he’s also a tremendous actor and one of the top talents currently working in Hollywood.

He’s a personal favorite of mine and I’m thrilled to hear that he’s the highest grossing actor of all time.