Just Kidding – Gary Ross Still Attached To Catching Fire

Previous reports claiming that Gary Ross, director of The Hunger Games, has unattached himself from the film’s sequel – Catching Fire – due to negotiation disputes, are false, according to Deadline. The site claims that Ross hasn’t “formally” withdrawn and that anything indicating otherwise is “simply not accurate.”

Allegedly, Ross wanted more money in return for directing the upcoming film, considering the enormous sum of money being brought in by Hunger Games (the film has brought in $282 million domestically with $13 million yesterday alone) as well as his pressing Hollywood prestige (this isn’t Ross’s first movie success, he has Pleasantville and Seabiscuit on his resume).

The Hunger Games has been pleasing both fans and critics alike, thanks to an accurate book-to-film adaptation in the minds of most fans. While kudos should probably go to author and co-screenwriter Suzanne Collins for such a seamless switch from novel to the big screen, lots of that credit must go to the director, Gary Ross. Hopefully, he will decide to direct Catching Fire as well, keeping the films consistent, and more importantly, consistently good.

Negotiations for Catching Fire should be finalized in the next few days, and maybe then we will breath a sigh of relief. Gary Ross is still on board – as far as we know – until that day.

Why do you think that Gary Ross should stick with The Hunger Games franchise?