Gary Sinise Rumored To Be Joining Suicide Squad As General Eiling


Gary Sinise

David Ayer’s comic book megamovie, Suicide Squad, currently sits with a gaping hole in its leading cast. Last week, Tom Hardy bowed out of the film, leaving his pivotal role of Rick Flag up for the taking. At the time it was thought Jake Gyllenhaal was the frontrunner to take on the part, but that has since been shot down and the vacancy has yet to be filled. While Flag is a key player, he’s not the be-all-and-end-all (which is thought to be why Hardy exited – not enough screentime), and there are still other roles that require casting. One of which will apparently be nabbed by Gary Sinise.

Courtesy of El Mayimbe over at Latino Review, who has outdone himself again with a corking scoop, the next name to join the villain-packed piece is the star of Forrest Gump, Mr. Sinise:

As the Tweet says, confirmation of the news is still pending. However, the site’s reputation for scoring solid exclusives early on – that often wind up coming true – suggests that Sinise could be joining the all-star pic.

General Wade Eiling first appeared in DC’s The Atom comic series as the villain to its titular hero before being later recruited into the Suicide Squad after his regenerative powers proved to be rather advantageous to their mission. Most recently the character appeared on CW’s show, The Flash, played by Clancy Brown.

Two years back Sinise, finished up a lengthy stint on CSI:NY, after which he’s returned to the big screen for a few bit parts. Interestingly enough, one of those recent credits is as a narrator in Captain America: The Winter Soldier – which originated from DC’s rival studio, Marvel. Will he jump ship to join Suicide Squad? We’ll keep you posted if the rumor turns into reality. Until then, though, let us know what you think of Sinise joining the pic in the comments below.

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