Gaspar Noe To Direct Bret Easton Ellis Script The Golden Suicides

Some potentially very interesting news here. The provocateur/mad man/genius Gaspar Noe, most recently known for fucking your eyeballs with a kaleidoscope in Enter the Void, could be getting ready to direct a script from a similarly mad yet genius provocateur, Bret Easton Ellis. The film will be called The Golden Suicides, and it is a script that Ellis has adapted from a Vanity Fair article of the same name.

The article originally written by Nancy Jo Sales, concerns the story of Jeremy Thomas and Theresa Duncan who killed themselves after being harassed by Scientologists, even though the circumstances of their death are considered mysterious. Originally names like Gus Van Sant and Angelina Jolie were linked to the project but after two years the project went dead. Now Muse Productions, who were responsible for bringing American Psycho to the screen, are looking to ignite the fire again and Noe is reportedly interested.

This is big news because this is the first time we’ll see the filmmaker attach himself to something mainstream, as well as something he hasn’t written. No doubt it will be branded with his own brand of mind bending strangeness, but what a team. Ellis can be a great author, American Psycho is a great piece of work and he is deliberately shocking and openly political. Something I feel this story needs. We’ll keeping you posted on this project as it develops. (Screen Daily)