Gemma Arterton And Andrew Garfield To Join Michael Mann’s Capa

Michael Mann’s biopic about war photographer Robert Capa, appropriately titled Capa, has gained two new cast members, including Gemma Arterton and British actor Andrew Garfield. Arterton admitted saying:

But I’m aiming for even more diversity. Capa is confirmed so I should be working with your hottest actor, Andy Garfield!

The parts are unconfirmed considering this news is sort of unofficial. But presumably Garfield will take the central role of Capa and Arterton will take the role of his romantic partner Gerda Taro, the love of Capa’s life. Michael Mann will be in the director’s chair and the film will be an adaptation of Susanna Forte’s novel Waiting for Robert Capa. So far there is no release date and it is not yet set up at a studio.

This could be a long way off as there are many upcoming projects on Michael Mann’s slate including his new HBO horseracing drama Luck and a gangster film called Big Tuna among others. However this is a very interesting story that deserves a proper director like Mann to tell it.