Gemma Chan Teases More Details On Her Captain Marvel Character


While we’ve yet to receive our first official look at Captain Marvel, footage of the eponymous heroine should arrive sometime in October. Until then, I suppose, we’ll have to make due with the firsthand account of Gemma Chan.

Coming off the immensely successful romcom, Crazy Rich Asians, Chan – who’ll step into the skin of Doctor Minnerva next March – recently discussed the twenty-first entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe whilst walking the red carpet.

Although she didn’t have much to say about the project, the London, England native was more than willing to take a pop shot or two at the House of Mouse, stating: “Yeah, I’ve got Captain Marvel coming up next year sometime. I don’t know; they don’t tell me.”

Then, when asked what working on an MCU production was like, Chan gleefully admitted, “It was amazing,” before elaborating: “It was completely different to anything else I’ve done. I look pretty different as well, so yeah, it was a fun project. I can’t tell you anything, or they’ll (Disney) kill me.”

Best known for her role as Mia in the television series Humans, Chan’s no stranger to the big screen, as she starred alongside Mark Wahlberg in the abysmal 2017 Transformers installment, The Last Knight. Let’s hope Captain Marvel is far more successful, critically and financially, than the latest Michael Bay nonsense, though.

Scheduled to open stateside on March 8th, 2019, the pic has unequivocally drawn the short straw. Tasked with filling the nearly year-long gap between Ant-Man and the Wasp and the be all end all blockbuster, Avengers 4, the twenty-first entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be looking to make a name for itself toward the end of winter, before Captain Marvel completes the intergalactic journey to Earth, where she’ll meet up with what’s left of the titular supergroup.